Who We Are?

Founded in 1989, behind Kevingston's fashion sense the life itself lies. The rich collections with many choices for different moments of life, the comfortable designs that balance the rush of life, the stylish lines that accompany the elegance of life, sometimes graceful and ambitious colors just to spite to monotony, the mastery in details which are carefully handled for those who want to live the life to the fullest in every last detail… For those who want to create their own line freely rather than be squeezed into patterns; those who also know how to feed life as much as they are fed on life; those who love to make difference boldly in every environment they enter; those who are skillfully able to blend the elegance with ease; and those who realize that good-dressing is as subtle as living well…

There are many things to tell at KEVINGSTON; just like the KEVINGSTON man who has so much to tell...


Our Vision :

To become a global company as one of the brands that first come to mind in the world about men’s fashion, beneficial to its country and society; that meets their satisfaction by adding value to its customers and employees; that manufactures stylish and comfortable products suitable to fashion in the quality that meet the expectations of its customers.


Our Mission :

To manufacture all the products we offer to our customers in accordance with fashion and quality, to offer at reasonable price and deliver them in time in the fastest way. To add value to the lives of our customers and  employees who work with us by proceeding with growing and developing steadily